Man shot by police after opening fire on Westport crowd

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Gunshots rang out as an un-welcomed wake-up call in Westport early Sunday morning as many bars were closing.

KCPD says a man was shooting into a crowd of people. More than a dozen shots were heard on a nearby surveillance camera. 

Police say two people were shot and the suspect was shot by police. 

"It’s not normally this crazy with shots being fired this close," said Kevin Bass. 

Kevin Bass works in Westport. He says at night, he's thankful police are nearby. 

"It's action packed at times, we have to take our stools down, it gets like wrestle-mania," said Bass. 

During the shooting, the Westport Cafe had a bullet fly through their window. 

Stacey Graves with KCPD says these shooting usually start as arguments. 

"People need to really stop and really try to resolve their conflicts without violence," said Graves. 

As for Bass, he hopes recent gunshots won't make customers question their safety. 

"Not only just paying for parking but do I want to go to Westport now?"

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