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Naked man charged for leading police on ATV chase

Posted at 3:33 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 20:27:14-05

LIBERTY, Mo. - A man riding naked on a stolen ATV Sunday will be fully dressed when he makes his first court appearance.

Johnathon A. Menth, 27, of Excelsior Springs, Mo., was charged Monday in Clay County Court with second degree burglary, tampering with a motor vehicle, property damage and sexual misconduct.

“The danger level that this person put everyone else in including himself is over-the-top,” Captain William Akin with the Clay County Sherrif’s Office said.

Menth became a social media sensation Sunday when video surfaced of him speeding naked down a Northland highway on an ATV.

The Excelsior Springs man is no stranger to the law. 

Police in Wyandotte county arrested him in 2015 for property damage, battery against officer and resisting arrest

Leading up to Sunday’s chase Menth is accused of first stealing of a PT cruiser. Police said he wreck that car and then made it to the workshop of Forrest Bryant.  

When Bryant came home from his mother-in-law’s 88th birthday party he noticed his yellow Polaris was missing and dialed 911.  

I said ‘what’s going on?’ She said ‘we know where your ATV is. We’re chasing the guy, right now so I expect you’ll be getting it back soon,’” Bryant told 41 Action News Monday. 

Bryant didn’t know Menth was riding nude.

“I don’t know where the guy lost his clothes or where he took them off because they weren’t in the garage or anything,” Bryant said. 

Police finally caught up with Menth after he wrecked the ATV next to Cerner’s campus in North Kansas City. 

“It was just crazy the first thing I asked the policeman is ‘well, is he high on something?’ and he said ‘oh yeah he’s definitely high on something,’” Bryant 

Charging documents state Menth admitted to police he was under the influence and described the chase as “playing a little game going around and flying”.   

“There is never anything that truly surprises you there is always something that takes it to the next level and this is one of those times,” Akin said. 

Bryant said he spent eight dollars washing the mud off of his ATV but it still needs to be sanitized.

The sexual misconduct charge is a misdemeanor, the other charges are felonies. Bond was set at $50,000.

One condition of his bond is that he must be fully dressed when out in public.