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Police seek witness believed to have information in Excelsior Springs kidnapping, rape case

Jaynie M. Crosdale
Posted at 2:51 PM, Jan 11, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Excelsior Springs police are asking for the public's help in locating a woman who may have information on a kidnapping and rape case involving Timothy Haslett Jr.

Haslett was arrested last October and is accused of raping and holding a woman against her will at his home.

On the day he was arrested, the victim managed to escape Haslett's home and ran to nearby homes asking for help.

Court documents revealed the victim was found wearing trash bag, metal collar with a padlock and had tape around her neck.

Police have identified Jaynie M. Crosdale, 36, as potential witness in the case, but haven't been able to contact her.

"We have been unable to locate Ms. Crosdale, but we believe she has information about the investigation and ask her to contact us as soon as possible," the Excelsior Springs Police Department said in a statement.

KSHB 41 asked the department if it could provide more information on the information Crosdale may have. The department said it couldn't further comment.

Anyone with information on Crosdale's whereabouts is asked to contact the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers hotline at (816)-474-TIPS (8477).

A photo of Crosdale is available below:

Jaynie M. Crosdale
Excelsior Springs believe Jaynie M. Crosdale, 36, may have information on a kidnapping and rape case involving Timothy Haslett Jr.

Editor's Note: We spoke with the Excelsior Springs Police Department about the nature of Crosdale's involvement in the case. Police were not able to provide additional information at the time. In the interest in helping to provide additional information about the case or to identify any possible additional victims, we are using Crosdale's photo.