Two arrested in connection with reported rape at KU residence hall

Posted at 5:28 PM, Oct 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-08 18:45:49-04

Two men are accused of raping two women at a residence hall on campus last month.

Captain James Anguiano with the University of Kansas Public Safety Office said the alleged rapes happened in the early morning hours of September 28 at Hashinger Hall.

Rachel Henderson and Madeline Hayes are freshmen who live in residence hall. They said they were concerned because they found out about the reported rape through the news.

"We heard about Kappa Sig, but we didn't hear anything about the Hashinger incident and we live here and that's messed up. We should know about that," Hayes said.

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The Kappa Sigma incident involved a sexual assault allegation at the fraternity house on September 27. Lawrence Police said a victim called police early on September 29, informing them of the assault. Their investigation is ongoing and they have not arrested anyone.

The fraternity is currently under interim suspension. KU held a hearing on Monday to determine whether to keep the suspension in place. A decision has not been made.

KU Police said one of the victims of the alleged rapes at Hashinger Hall called police on October 3 to report the crime. During their investigation, police discovered there was a second victim.

Henderson said she is growing concerned with the number of sexual assaults reported on campus. She said she no longer goes to parties and always travels with people she trusts.

"You have to be responsible for yourself," Henderson said. "You know, don't go home with people you don't know, common sense stuff."

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Anguiano said there is an increase in reported crimes, but he said it's due to increased awareness among students.

"In the past, they might not have known where to get the information and as it's being published by, not only the Public Safety Office, but other entities in our campus, I think people are becoming more aware of where to go to receive assistance," he said.

The KU Student Affairs office sent an email to students Wednesday morning, informing them about a series of meetings that evening focusing on campus sexual assaults and safety. A University spokesperson said these meetings had been planned for a few days to give students a place to ask questions.

"I'm glad that the conversation is happening, people are talking about it," Henderson said. "That means something is going to happen but it does freak me out that they didn't say anything to us."

The two suspects in the alleged rapes at Hashinger Hall are set to appear in Douglas County Court Thursday.