Witness describes Westport shooting, some business owners worry about crime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 29-year-old man faces charges while another suspect sits behind bars following a shooting in Westport early Sunday morning.

According to investigators, shots were fired in the area of the A/C Hotel Westport on Westport Road around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Six people were injured, including one person who was listed in critical condition.

“I was hanging out with a group of friends and as we were about to leave, shots started firing and ringing out,” explained Terryl Robinson, who captured the emergency response on his cellphone afterwards.

Robinson said many people started running in all directions after the shots were fired, but his first instinct was to help others.

“I went to the side of a wall and I started grabbing people because we didn't know where the shots were coming from," he explained. “My main thing was to get myself safe and start grabbing people to the wall."

As more emergency crews showed up to the scene, Robinson said he saw several people were injured.

“I saw three people on the ground shot," he explained.

One man Robinson helped get to a safe place realized he had been shot after running for cover.

“The bullet punctured his lung," Robinson said.

The shooting on Sunday has led to more concerns for local business owners in the Westport area.

“Whatever happened early Sunday morning, this is not the first time,” explained Maria Pham, who owns Sassy Nails in Westport. “It keeps continuing."

Pham has lived in the metro area for over 20 years, and opened her nail salon next to World Market nine months ago.

However, because of crime in Westport, Pham said she may move her business elsewhere.

“I don't feel safe for me or other people coming down to Westport if it keeps happening," she explained.

A day after the shooting, Robinson said it will be something he never forgets.

“Things have to start changing,” he said. “Now, people are getting aggressive where they don't care if they see officers."

Police have charged 29-year-old Kelvin Clark in relation to Sunday’s shooting.

A female suspect is also behind bars.

Police were able to capture the two suspects after they sped from the scene and got into an accident near Missy B’s on West 39th Street.



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