Blue Springs W.E.E. Bus is wired for education

Posted at 3:25 PM, Mar 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-14 19:37:52-04

If you're driving around Blue Springs, Missouri, don't be surprised if you see a giant blue bus in the lane next to you.

It's called, the W.E.E. Bus. Women Endowing Education had the idea several years ago of retrofitting a school bus to become a computerized classroom on wheels. Corporations joined forces, and the W.E.E Bus has served 10,000 students in three years.

The W.E.E. Bus has 20 computer stations, a flat-screen to practice presentations and a full-time facilitator who is able to answer questions. The W.E.E. Bus is also a place where students can do their homework and research possible college scholarships.

The bus is not just for students. Many parents also use the computer to search for jobs and write and print their resumes. The bus also has a lift for people with disabilities.

The Blue Springs School District provides the driver and fuel for the bus. The bus visits schools, apartment complexes, some hotels where some students are living and restaurants on nights kids eat free. You can also see it at some sporting events.

Many students come on the bus and play computer games, but even those games require math and spelling skills for students to earn points and win. 


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