Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly thanks voters for participation, urges patience

Laura Kelly
Posted at 5:01 PM, Nov 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-04 18:01:23-05

KANSAS CITY, MO. — The day after voters hit the polls, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly took the time to thank Kansans for their participation in the election.

"Kansans turned out in record numbers yesterday to make their voices heard about the issues and candidates they support," Kelly said at a briefing on Wednesday afternoon. "I'm pleased with the number of Kansans who chose to participate whether they opted to vote by mail, early in-person or on Election Day."

However, as votes continued to be counted in the state, she urged voters to remain patient.

She assured voters that election offices in the state would count ballots that were postmarked on Election Day and received by Friday, Nov. 6.

"These delayed results, while they may be frustrating, are a sign of our democracy at work," Kelly said.

On Tuesday evening, networks had called Kansas and its six electoral votes for President Donald Trump.

Across the Kansas City metro, voters set several turnout records this election.

In Wyandotte County, an hour before polls closed on Tuesday, about three-fourths of all registered voters had cast a ballot.

County Election Commissioner Bruce Newby said that represented a record turnout for any election.

On Monday, Johnson County set records with people who cast their ballots early, with more than 260,000 voters having already cast their ballot.

Kelly also took the time on Wednesday to thank polling workers for their efforts in facilitating the election.

"Thank you to the hardworking employees and volunteers who counted votes in our state and who continue to count votes," Kelly said. "I also want to give a special thanks to those who volunteered their time and energy as poll workers yesterday.

"It was a tough job, always is, but particularly during a global pandemic," she added.

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