Film highlights "Mothers in Charge" founder

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Mothers In Charge founder Rosilyn Temple is the focus of a documentary entitled "Uncommon Allies." The film highlights the death of her son and her journey to help and healing.

Uncommon Allies portrays how Rosilyn Temple turned a personal search for justice into a life-changing community call to action.

Uncommon Allies explores Rosilyn's role in effectively bridging the gap between grieving communities and the police department at every homicide scene in Kansas City. 

"Losing a child breaks your heart. You don't just get up and come back from there. It's a fight," said Temple.

The filmmaker's goal is to create awareness of what's happening in all of the communities and inspire people to take a stand against gun violence and homicide. 

Filmmaker John Brick met Rosilyn Temple through his mother and immediately knew he wanted to share her story.

"Her story just blew me away. I was like we need to make a film out of this. From there, I started following her around going to homicide scenes. It blew my mind and opened my mind to a lot of different things," said Brick.

This showing of Uncommon Allies is the first of many unique screenings that CinemaKC will be doing over the coming months.

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