Fourth of July travel expected to break records

Posted at 1:06 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 14:27:34-04

You won’t be alone on the roads or at the airports this Independence Day weekend.

This year, Fourth of July travel is predicted to be the busiest in history.

Airport officials are taking extra measures to protect you.

Starting Friday, KCI had several teams of Visible Intermodal Prevention & Response, or VIPR, officers making sure everyone traveled safely.  They told 41 Action News everything was running smoothly.

TSA and Homeland Security stepped up security over concerns of possible terror plots coinciding with the July 4th holiday and Ramadan.

TSA expected 2,000 people out of their gates within the first three hours of the day and AAA expects nearly 43 million Americans to travel this weekend.

One family flying out of KCI had been visiting their family member in in Kansas City.  They were heading to Tampa to celebrate the Fourth.

“We come back every year to the states. Most years we go back to Tampa to see fireworks on the beach. Our uncle is here. We have family here in KC and in western Kansas we go and visit every year,” said Andrew Elliot, who just graduated from high school.

AAA said 84 percent of holiday travelers will drive to their July 4 destinations. That means about 36 million people will be on the road with you.




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