Friends, family remember Antonio Dennis

Posted at 10:28 PM, Jan 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-25 05:17:24-05

Prosecutors say a father was killed by the son he adopted.

Shaquil Roland has been charged in the death of Antonio Dennis outside a Lee's Summit fast food restaurant.

Sunday, dozens of family members and friends gathered outside the home Dennis opened up to Roland.

Family said Dennis worked as a manager at the Burger King in Lee's Summit and made sure his adopted son had a job there as well.

People described Dennis as the most selfless person they knew.

"My nephew gave his life to try and save someone else's," Dennis' aunt Diane Hawkins said.

Roslyn Temple founder of 'Mothers in Charge' pointed to gun violence in Kansas City saying, "Me, I choose not to live with a gun. I'm not going to live with a gun because God is the only gun I need."

Although the shooting happened while both Dennis and Roland were at work, family members say they haven't heard anything from their employer.

Dennis' father said, "He was on the clock that night. He was working, they should have showed some kind of support. They acting like they didn't care, like he didn't work there or something, they ain't coming forward and saying something."

It's a loss of someone who gave others everything.

"Tony reached out to this young man to give him better and do better for him and give him a better lifestyle than he already had." said Dennis' cousin Terry Gines.

Roland is scheduled to be back in court early next month.