Friends hold benefit motorcycle ride for deputy sheriff battling cancer

Posted at 4:50 PM, Oct 23, 2016
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Sunday was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride. And what better reason than to hit the road for a hero battling cancer.

"We wanted to do something to help him out, to show our support," Tony Burr said.

Rob Oliver is a veteran, a 25-year volunteer firefighter, and Deputy Sheriff for Leavenworth County.

"I've had a blessed life. I've lost count of the times that I shouldn't have been here," Oliver said.

Burr said that's the kind of person his friend is.

"He'll give you the shirt off his back," Burr said.



So it seems unthinkable that something like stage four liver and pancreatic cancer would bring him down now.  It's a cancer that isn't normally discovered until you're dead.

Oliver had surgery that removed parts of his liver, pancreas, intestines, and stomach - putting him out of service for months.  But he fights it with a good sense of humor, despite the deep scar that runs the length of his torso. 

"I was filleted pretty well. All the nasty stuff fell off so it's kind of ruined my Halloween costume," Oliver laughs.

Burr put together the benefit ride, starting at Helen's Hilltop bar in Tonganoxie, Kan. They had a great turnout.

"Nobody should go through this by themselves," Burr said.

They raised $1,000. All the proceeds will go to Oliver.

A man not used to being on the other side of a helping hand, he was at a loss for words when Burr handed him the cash.

"I'm humbled by all of it," Oliver said. "I've been known to do a few things and save a few lives in my time with the Sheriff's office, and some of the people kind of understand that I'm not too bad a guy. It is an honor that they would repay my efforts as they are in this event today."

Recently his tests have come back negative for cancer, but he still has a long way to go.  He's confident he'll get through it, and get back to serving the community he loves.

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