Harrisonville flood victims want answers from city leaders

Posted at 5:31 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 18:35:05-04

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — Harrisonville, Missouri residents are still feeling the effects after flood waters took over their homes and businesses just one week ago. Now, those impacted are hoping for some relief and looking to city leaders for help.

Dumpsters filled with household items lined Walker Drive in Harrisonville. 

“Right now, we’re working on trying to get relief lined up for people and see if they can get assistance,” said Mayor Brian Hasek. 

Relief and some assistance is what this neighborhood is asking for.

“Really, there’s been no communication since last Wednesday when the Mayor came back through and shook our hands, promised we were going to get help and I mean we did get some relief yesterday which was nice, but it had been a week,” said Tami Caldwell, Harrisonville Resident.  

Caldwell is just one homeowner on the block who’s basement flooded. Before rebuilding the second time around, she says they're demanding answers. 

“The creeks are full of debris. No one’s wanting to take responsibility of the creeks, nobody knows who’s supposed to maintain the creeks," said Caldwell.  

It’s the creek right behind Caldwell's home that’s giving people grief. Before the next storm rolls through, Caldwell said something needs to be done. 

“This is something that absolutely needs to be addressed. It doesn’t need to wait for board meetings and all of those things and three months down the road because if we have any more torrential downpours between now and then, we will flood again,” said Caldwell. 

The creek flows through many different properties. Mayor Hasek said he's working to get answers for all of the questions he's been asked.

“That was the thing I encountered when I went and visited people is they have a lot of questions that are not really something elected officials are equipped to handle," said Hasek. 

A town hall meeting is scheduled Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. at the Harrisonville Community Center. Mayor Hasek along with several other city officials will provide updates to the public and answer any questions.