KC man scammed by fake cable employee

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City man has a warning for anyone looking for a new cable or internet option.

After Dylan Titus moved into his new apartment, he Googled a phone number for Time Warner Cable and called the one that came up first.

However, the person on the other end of the line was not an employee of Time Warner Cable.

“I Googled the number, called it, and asked them if they can hook me up with internet and cable the same day,” Titus explained.

The fake employee on the other end of the line said he could and even showed up to Titus’s apartment the same day.

“He looked the part, played the role perfectly,” Titus said.

The man asked for Titus’s financial information up front but never hooked up the cable or internet.

In hindsight, Titus said he sees the red flags.

“It was pretty elaborate, and I'm still kind of baffled that he came to try to get $150," he said. 

The man said the initial charge for installation was $150. But a few days later, Titus received text messages from his bank alerting him to multiple charges that totaled thousands of dollars.

Titus was able to get the charges reversed, and he called Time Warner Cable, which is now Spectrum, to get more information on the scam.

Spectrum told him they had no record of his call or an employee visiting his home to set up service.

“They had no record of it,” Titus said. “I had a pending charge from a guy named David Blaine and a creepy guy who'd been in my apartment who couldn't hook up the cable for some reason."

Spectrum suggested Titus file a police report.

41 Action News reached out to the company for a comment on the situation and consumer tips, but a spokesperson declined. 

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