Family members excited Gordon will stay close

Posted at 8:31 PM, Jan 06, 2016
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The Gordon family is a baseball family.

Alex Gordon grew up in Lincoln, Neb., which is about three hours away from Kansas City.

Alex’s dad, Mike Gordon explained how he knew Alex loved baseball at a young age.

“I started to throw baseballs at him and that was all he wanted to do was hit and hit and hit and hit.”

Mike laughed thinking back to the moment when the Royals won the World Series.

“My eyes were going through and the tears were coming down and [Alex] was looking at me like this. That wasn’t very good I don’t think but I was too happy.”

Alex’s dad said he went to almost every game last year. So it was a relief to know he could continue that tradition. 

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"With the Royals it makes me feel a lot, I’ll be able to get to go to a lot more games and stuff so that will be a good thing for me.”

The next best thing for Mike would be to see two of his sons play for the Royals together.

Alex’s brother Derek Gordon pitches for the Royals’ minor league affiliate.

“They’re working with him now on it too so we could have another one real soon,” Mike explained.

Dad and all four sons played baseball at Lincoln Southeast where Alex’s grandfather was the baseball coach.

It's also the place where Alex was named the 2001-2002 Nebraska Gatorade Player of the year in baseball.

Although his grandfather never got to see him make it to the pros, Mike said, “he knows.”

Like father, like son. Mike and Alex Gordon are both quiet and humble and happy to be staying in Kansas City.


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