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'No-Shave November' raises cancer awareness

Posted at 11:17 AM, Nov 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-08 12:34:12-05

For some of us, as kids, “No-Shave November” just meant people had been out deer hunting and came back to town looking a little shaggy.

Then, those 30 days became something more important.

Some say it started in Chicago, around 2008 when a couple of sons decided not to shave in honor of their Dad who had died of prostate cancer.

Whatever the real starting point, “No-Shave November” is now a nationwide reason for nurturing your facial fringe.

There is no better place to celebrate than Chop Tops in Westport, and no better person to lead you into the land of the unshaven than Master Stylist, Brooke Allen.

According to Brooke, the first thing you need to do is…well… ”Don’t shave!”

She’s not kidding.

Before you can do anything else, you have to decide that you really will let nature takes its course, all over your face. You simply can’t grow whisker weary.

There are beard balms and oils to help you through the first itchy days. Or, as Brooke says, you can just “man up and get through it.”

At Chop Tops, they have every possible potion and gadget to make your beard a thing of manly beauty -- and they also have the expertise.

For example, Tyler Goebel has been growing his beard for about six years now, and it still looks shiny and new!


Tyler, who works just down the street at HopCat, was in the chair early on Wednesday to remind everyone about the No-Shave November event coming to HopCat at the end of the month, Thursday, November 30.

The furry stand against prostate cancer will take place at HopCat that evening, with prizes for best or most creative beards and mustaches, as well as opportunities for you to donate.

Meanwhile, back at Chop Tops, they’re ready to help you make being hairy much less scary.

In fact, there is a product line there called “Grave Before Shave,” and, while that may be a bit extreme, the onset of the holiday season does seem to be the perfect time to “let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.”

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