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3 Lawrence city leaders receive 'disturbing' notices on front porches of homes

Lawrence Police Department car
Posted at 4:29 PM, Apr 06, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three paper bags containing bricks and a note inside were left at the homes of three Lawrence city leaders on April 2.

Vice Mayor Mike Dever and commissioners Brad Finkeldei and Lisa Larsen each received a bag with identical contents after returning home from the Lawrence City Commission meeting that evening.

"We know you are violating your own law to displace and kill the homeless," the notes read. "We know that on April 15th you intend to change that law in order to cover up and justify your violations. We strongly advise you to end your abuses of the homeless, stop destroying their camps, and cease your plans to permanently displace and remove them from this city."

“We simply have enough division on the streets,” LKPD Chief Rich Lockhart said in a written statement. “There is no room for turning political differences into a potentially criminal act. There is a forum to voice your political beliefs and disrupting the feeling of safety and security of our leaders’ families does nothing to unite our community or advance any cause.”

A person of interest was identified by Lawrence police officers and issued a trespass warning for all Lawrence city commissioners' homes.

"As City Commissioners, we condemn the recent harassment tactics targeting our colleagues, as they do not align with the values of civil discourse and mutual respect in our community," Lawrence Mayor Bart Littlejohn said in a statement. "Such actions are counterproductive and will not be tolerated as we work together to address homelessness and ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all."