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5 tires later, Northland neighbor expresses frustration with pothole problems

Potholes up north
Posted at 9:17 AM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-07 07:32:06-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — UPDATE, 3/7 6:30 a.m.: Tuesday, the City of Kansas City, Missouri, tweeted, "Public Works maintenance crews will begin milling and overlaying NW 68th Street from N. Waukomis to US 169 over the next few weeks (weather permitting). We appreciate your cooperation as we fix the failing pavement as quickly as possible."

PREVIOUS: In the Northland, along Northwest 68th Street near North Holly, there's a string of potholes causing problems for drivers.

"Me and a couple other neighbors around the block, we called the city," said Ron Utter, who lives right off 68th Street. "They have a hotline to report potholes and you know we didn't know where to begin we just told them a mile's worth of potholes because that's about what it is."

According to the 311 service map, there are roughly 23 reports of potholes along that stretch.

Utter said of the three cars he has, he's gotten five flat tires on 68th.

"If you've ever been on a buck board wagon, that's what it feels like," Utter said. "It's one of the roughest things that you'll experience and it will tear up your vehicle."

Living in the area for 54 years, he said it's the worse he's seen the potholes. He notices the drivers who are new to the area and aren't familiar to the bumpy road.

"They're doing 45 miles an hour and then by the time that they realize what's going on," Utter said. "Well it's too late, they're already in the midst of it and it does tear your vehicle up, that's for sure."

Logan Morgan with The Maintenance Shop said they get about three to four people on a weekly basis, coming in for pothole issues.

"Every time we get a phone call anymore, we're not surprised," Morgan said. "We started out slow and now it's probably a phone call a day at least, you know, that it's a pothole issue."

Morgan said if a driver does hit a pothole hard, and doesn't see damage, you still want to get your car checked.

"Because that's one thing that people aren't going to realize," Morgan said. "You know if you don't have obvious damage, you can still throw your alignment out and 10,000 miles , you've worn through a set of tires so kind of a hidden cost that comes with it."

The City of Kasas City, Missouri, said it'll take until June to fix the potholes across the city.

To report a pothole in KCMO, click here.