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8 ways to save money and energy this summer

Posted at 8:52 AM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 09:54:07-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City could see its first heatwave of the season this week.

That could mean air conditioners are working overtime to keep homes cool.

There are some things to do to keep energy bill low in the midst of the heat.

1) If you're not at home, or you're heading out for the day, don't turn your air conditioner off. Keep it on throughout the day.

"What happens is a lot of people will do is, they're going to turn that air way up or turn it off and then when they get home, turn it on right away," David Mehlhaff with BPU said. "And that air conditioner is working really hard to get the house back cool."

2) Put the shades down and close the blinds while you're gone for the day.

"So that sun isn't just beating down on your home and making that air conditioner work harder," Mehlhaff said.

3) Change your air condition filter once a month.

4) Caulk your tubs, windows and doors.

"They think just caulking their doors for the winter time, but you open that door and that air conditioners running," Mehlhaff said. "You got little kids in the house and that door's open there, it's a tremendous amount of loss just keeping the house cool."

5) Run a dehumidifier. Dry air is cooler than the wet air.

6) Seal off any rooms not in active use.

"In other words, let's not run that air conditioner and cool down rooms and furniture you're not sitting on," Mehlhaff said. "So if you're not using those other rooms, shut them down, shut those vents in those rooms. You have spare rooms and offices that you rarely use? Just let the air run in the rooms that you're using."

7) Unplug anything that's not in use. Even when chargers or lamps are plugged in, and are off, or not in use, it's still using electricity. It's called phantom energy or vampire power.

8) Contact your utility company before you get shut off or run the risk of getting shut off, to see what other payment options are available.

"Look to see if you can get on level pay," Mehlhaff said. "If you've been with the utility for a year, they'll take a look at what your utility bill average is and they'll put you on a level payment plan."

Go to BPU or KCP&L for more energy-saving tips.