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Additional signage could alleviate issues at Fairway intersection

Posted at 10:01 PM, Dec 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-17 23:35:22-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Installation of additional stop signs and double-yellow centerlines at a Fairway intersection where a motorist struck a child earlier this year could alleviate traffic issues, according to a traffic study.

The study, completed in October by George Butler Associates, determined that a “prioritized right-of-way order” is needed.

“Due to the unique configuration of this intersection, which has three distinct decision points located within such close proximity, we believe that the safety and operations at this location can be improved with traffic control to more clearly assign rights-of-way and better manage both the vehicular and pedestrian / bicycle conflicts at these decision points,” the study stated.

The following items were noted:

  • Installation of a double-yellow centerlines from the Windsor Drive intersection to the West 57th Terrace intersection;
  • Installation of a double-yellow centerline on Howe Drive from 50 feet south of the West 57th Terrace intersection north to a proposed stop sign north of the existing intersection island;
  • Remove the yield sign on northbound Howe Drive and replace it with a stop sign
  • Relocate the speed-limit sign that is posted in the same area as the yield sign;
  • Installation of double-yellow centerlines between Reinhardt Drive and Howe Drive on the south side of the intersection.
  • Installation of two stop signs at Reinhardt and Howe drives.
  • Removal of taller bushes and a red-bud tree on the intersection island.

It was determined that 1,500 vehicles travel the intersection of Reinhardt and Howe drives and West 57th Terrace on a daily basis. Crash records provided by the Fairway Police Department on Oct. 11 state that “there have been no prior reported crashes” in the intersection since 2003.