Adventurers follow the Oregon Trail in reverse

Posted: 3:53 PM, Aug 19, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-19 21:53:28Z

Through mountains and often the middle of nowhere, they're following the path of the pioneers who risked it all to follow the Oregon Trail.

"The Oregon Trail was the largest voluntary migration in world history," said adventurer Jason Hamasu. "For them it was an opportunity. There was more land, more opportunity out west."

The Oregon Trail began in Independence, Missouri and ended in Oregon. But about 200 years later, four men are following it in reverse, starting in Oregon where they live and ending in Missouri.

Photo courtesy Jason Hamasu

"It was neat to be able to track along with that and see where the pioneers crossed these rivers, and see where these old graves were," said Hamasu.

The pioneers risked their lives for the chance at a better life. These four friends went looking for adventure.

"As much as we love our wives and that aspect of it, we just wanted more," said Cauxby Brasseur. "You know where we got to a place in life where we're like there's more than this."

A little over a month ago, they put their jobs remodeling houses on hold to hop in two pickup trucks and drive as closely as possible the path of the trail, often down dirt and rock roads.

No highways allowed.

Photo courtesy Jason Hamasu

"It really brings a realism to it that closely parallels as much as we can in our modern day life what the pioneers did back in the day," said Hamasu.

On this last day of their journey, they can say they've learned life lessons along the way. Lessons passed down by those who came before them.

"Adventure, live life," said Brasseur.

To learn more about their journey, visit their website here.



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