All Aboard: Legoland Discovery Center opens Train Station Adventure

Posted at 7:27 AM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 08:27:45-04

All aboard!

We’re on the right track for family fun on this Friday morning!

The Legoland Discovery Center at Crown Center is opening a brand new, permanent experience today: The Train Station Adventure!

Master Builder, Joe Nunnink, showed us around before the doors opened.

We started at the Build Table, where children of all ages can grab handfuls of the thousands of available bricks and create their own trains, chugging from the country to the city.

There is also a brand new playground with slides and pogo sticks and a people-sized hamster wheel.

One of the coolest things of all: You can be the train!

Just slip in behind the joystick and guide the locomotive through Kansas City…complete with sound effects!

Master Builder Joe said they asked customers what they would like to see at Legoland….TRAINS, came up again and again.

They took that idea and gave it a definite Kansas City Twist.

It’s a great combination: Kansas City plus trains plus Legos!

In a word, around here at Legoland, well, uh…you know…everything is


Did you really think we’d NOT use that to end this story?