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UPDATE: OP police say item found at Blue Valley High School was lens cover to airsoft gun

Posted at 12:06 PM, Feb 28, 2018

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. —Blue Valley High School was under a lock and teach for part of Wednesday after what was believed to be a rifle scope case was found inside the school in a P.E. locker. Overland Park police confirmed to 41 Action News the item that was found was actually a lens cover to an airsoft gun. 

Principal Scott Bacon said in a letter to families after the item was found, the school immediately notified the district’s director of Safety and Security along with Overland Park police.

The lock and teach ended after law enforcement searched the school campus. Bacon said in a letter to parents, "At no time were students or staff in any danger." 

Bacon said the student came forward during the search, and the district learned the lens cover was brought to school inadvertently. 

Students stayed in their classrooms and teachers continued with their lessons during the search.

In a letter to parents, Bacon wrote, “There is nothing more important than providing a safe and respectful environment for our students to learn,” and encouraged anyone with questions to reach out to him.