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Bay Area-inspired sandwich shop is a business divided before Super Bowl

Bay Boy
Posted at 5:28 PM, Feb 01, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In the basement of a building on the corner of 47th and Holly, a yeasty aroma wafted through the air as online orders piled up.

Bay Boy Specialty Sandwiches slowly grew its operation over the years, bringing the basics of the bay to the masses.

“Bay Area Sandwiches, they all have that delicious Dutch Crunch bread,” said Bay Boy co-owner and San Francisco native Julian Garcia.

Garcia met his business partner, Jake Wilson, as first graders at St. Joseph Catholic School.

Years later they found themselves working jobs they didn’t like and decided to create something Garcia already loved.

“He said we should do sandwiches,” said Wilson. “I know about this bread. So, he makes the bread, we make a sandwich. We eat the sandwich and we are like, 'People would probably pay for that sandwich.'”

Their menu spans all culinary preferences, but the “bay boy” sandwich at the top of the list is a "true San Francisco classic" according to Garcia. They even source the salami from the bay.

“Every time I bite into it, it tastes like home,” Garcia said. “Fresh Dutch crunch bread daily, it’s hard to beat.”

Garcia is loyal to the 49ers while Wilson roots on the Chiefs each Sunday. With their hometown teams playing opposite each other in the final game of the season, they are having fun with ways to keep the energy flowing in the kitchen.

Bay Boy is rolling out a Taylor Ham sandwich this Saturday at their shop and Sunday brunch at Transport Brewery. The breakfast sandwich is a traditional New Jersey dish typically referred to as a pork roll.

They are also selling a sandwich through the Super Bowl called “Notaburger” which is for fans who share coach Andy Reid’s love of hamburgers.

Both items are served on Dutch crunch bread, which gets its look from rice flour basted onto the roll before baking.