Be alert: Most deer-related car crashes happen in November

Troopers say it's best not to swerve
Posted at 8:28 AM, Oct 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-26 09:50:04-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Highway Patrol troopers in Missouri want drivers to be alert for deer on the roadways this fall. Statistics from the Missouri State Highway Patrol show roughly a quarter of the year’s entire deer-related crashes take place in November. 

Deer are typically around roadways overnight, particularly at dawn and dusk. Troopers warn where you see one deer, there are probably others. In that case, it is best to slow down. 

If you see a deer in the road, troopers advise you not to swerve to avoid the deer. 

“Take your foot off the gas, brake if you can brake. The worst thing to do sometimes is to swerve. On two lane roads you can find yourself going into oncoming traffic and there is not a lot of green space to slow your car down,” explained Sergeant Collin Stosberg. 

In 2015, Jackson and Platte counties had the third and fourth highest number of deer-related crashes respectively.

Data from the MSHP show there were 4,604 traffic crashes in Missouri involving deer in 2016. Those crashes resulted in six people losing their lives. 

Insurance company State Farm launched a study that shows drivers in Missouri are more likely to hit a deer this year than in years past.