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Blue Springs mom concerned after school never notified her of fight involving son

Posted at 3:47 PM, Oct 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 19:50:30-04

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — A fight that started after "tension" on a Blue Spring school bus has one mother concerned about communication between officials and parents. 

The incident started on a school bus Monday afternoon. 

According to the Blue Springs School District, the driver noticed tension between two students. The driver then dropped the boys off separately at their individual homes and called school police. 

Video of the fight was recorded by several students and posted on social media. 

It shows the two boys in the middle of a neighborhood street punching and body slamming each other. 

"Nobody notified me that they questioned my son, nobody officially notified me other than my son that the incident took place, yet they had that information," said one of the boy's mother. 

We are not identifying the mother and we blurred the video because the students are minors. 

The mother says district police questioned her son at her home without her knowledge. 

"Video has been on Snapchat. This is not a minor incident. As a parent, I should have been notified about this as soon as the school was notified and my son should not have been questioned without me knowing they were going to question my son," said the mother. 

She admits, her son has been in trouble before for things like fighting. She says bullying and fighting needs to stop. 

"It's a violent fight and society we turn a blind eye to that and we sweep it under the carpet so to speak and I don't think, its not just the officials."

The school district says this is an ongoing investigation.