Both parties come together to honor activism in Kansas

Posted at 11:00 AM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 12:00:49-04

On Sunday night the political aisle sunk as Democrats and Republicans came together for the 16th annual “Stand Up and Speak Out” event hosted by Mainstream Coalition.

The goal of the event is to celebrate activism in the Kansas Community no matter the political affiliation. It also became a place for both Democrats and Republicans running for office.

“These are people who are here because they believe in partisanship and trying to do the best thing for the state and for whatever area they are from,” said Kansas Representative Barbra Bollier, who is currently running for the Senate District 7 in Kansas as a moderate Republican.

It was also a night to put aside the negativity of the presidential election.

“I think the contrast is really nice when you are at the door with people that they’re so tired of the negativity at top of the tickets that there’s a real human being, it helps being a teacher as well standing in front of them and just talking about community issues, said Brett Parker, and Olathe teacher who is running for the Kansas House for the first time as a Democrat.

Executive Director of Mainstream Coalition Brandy Fisher stressed the importance of everyone working together.

"While they may have partisan affiliation they also know that if we can’t compromise, if we can’t cross the party line and work together we won’t be able to get anything accomplished,” said Fisher.

Some of the organizations honored at the event included Johnson County Educators, Stand Up Blue Valley, Women for Kansas, Coalition Activists, Alliance for a Healthy Kansas and Kansans for Fair Courts.



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