Bridge demolition big adjustment for residents near I-70

Interstate 70 in the east side of the metro is closed for the weekend so construction crews can demolish 3 bridges that were in disrepair.

The temporary closure of the interstate is having a big impact on traffic, but the removal of the bridges will have a more long-lasting effect on the people who live nearby.

People were stopping by the Crysler Avenue all day on Saturday to watch crews in action as they demolished the bridge.

"It's like someone just separated the whole city,” said Karen Mozee, who lives next to the bride.

Troy Ingrassia and his daughter Abree drove over from Blue Springs to check out the demolition.

"Oh it’s cool, just to see no traffic on the highway and the way they're tearing it down,” said Ingrassia.

Mozee says the sight today is impressive, but it’s nothing compared to what she heard as crews worked through the night.

"We got no sleep last night. The house shaking, dogs barking,” said Mozee.

Mozee says she normally can see the traffic flying by through her kitchen window and it’s been strange to see the empty highway.

All that traffic on I-70 is clogging up other highways this weekend.

The demolition of the bridges will be completed by Monday and the interstate will reopen, but the rebuilding of the bridges won’t be finished until December.

Mozee says she’s concerned for people who usually depend on the bridges.

"I feel sorry for the people on the other side that have to detour to go all the way around because Crysler is an avenue that gets you from here to Sterling or wherever this is the main drag here,” said Mozee.

She says she understands that this a project that needs to happen, but she does hope the following months of building a new bridge are a bit quieter than this weekend.

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