Burglar dubbed 'Spider-Man' is back in West Plaza

Posted at 9:31 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 05:46:34-04

There are fresh concerns about a particular crime in the West Plaza.

Robin Backman's neighbor told her, "While I was sleeping he came in through my balcony and took my purse and left out the front door."

They're talking about a burglar they've nicknamed "Spider-Man" because according to Kansas City police he's scaling walls and breaking into homes through unlocked sliding glass patio doors.

"I mean that's scary," Backman said. "Knowing that someone is coming into your place when you're sleeping. If she would've woke up, who knows what could have happened."

KCPD says there have been five to ten incidents of crimes just like this happening the West Plaza in the last two months or so.

Andre Alexander, who lives in the same area, said, "Any crime is not good but definitely crime like that. That's just invading people's privacy or hurting people for no reason. Not good. Not good for the city."

It's not the first time either. In July 2015, 41 Action News reported on a similar rash of burglaries in the West Plaza. KCPD had a suspect in mind then, and they have a suspect they're looking into now. 

Backman said she's taking extra steps and, "Double checking making sure I lock my sliding door now for sure now that I know he's back on the streets. It sounds like he's not going to stop."