"Can you hear me now?" scam hitting KC metro

Posted at 4:27 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 19:41:49-05

Sharon Kosa of Liberty was expecting a call from the doctor, and answered an unknown number with an 816 area code.

"The female called says "Is this Mrs. Kosa?" and I said yes and immediately when I said yes I was like, and they hung up,” said Kosa.

Kosa immediately regretted answering "yes", remembering that it's all part of a scam called "can you hear me now?"

Con-artists will ask you a question to get a "yes" answer. In most cases, they will record the "yes" part and edit it to make it sound like you authorized a major purchase.

"It's a lot of anxiety well what are they going to do with this, how is this all going to play out?” said Kosa.

"Well if you say yes you are confirming you are a real person that they actually got a hold of somebody,” said Reese.

Aaron Reese with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau says they've heard from several people here in the metro reporting the scam.

He says the BBB is not 100 percent sure what other ramifications a "yes" answer could have, however saying "yes" has several bad implications.

"Scams can do a lot with that just by selling your name to other people and say this is a confirmed operating phone line and then you will be getting more scam calls and more problems,” said Reese.

The best solution, do not answer any phone numbers you do not know.

"I know better now and I am not answering any calls that I don’t know exactly who it is,” said Kosa.






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