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Cars 4 Heroes continues to give back to families in need of a car

Cars 4 Heroes is back giving cars to families in need
Cars 4 Heroes is back giving cars to families in need
Posted at 8:52 AM, Dec 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-22 09:56:11-05

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — With help from complete strangers, Cars 4 Heroes is changing the lives of families by giving them keys to a new car.

Terry Franz started Cars 4 Heroes 26 years ago with the goal to help out families who haven’t caught a break in a while.

“We’ve been around for quite a while now,” Franz said. “People apply on our website who are in need of the car.”

Cars 4 Heroes is known for giving back to families of military and first responders, but during the holiday season they open their applications to any family in need of a car.

Every year, Cars 4 Heroes gets more than 15,000 submissions from families all over the country wanting a reliable set of wheels.

The Rodakowski family was one of 13 families who scratched ‘car’ off their Christmas list on Wednesday morning outside Shamrock Roofing Headquarters in Overland Park.

“I’m the only income, I have been for a long time and my other half has M.S., he’s not able to work and it’s a struggle to make it day to day,” said recipient Valerie Rodakowski. “It was a struggle after our vehicle burned down and we were worried we wouldn’t get a car, this means a lot.”

Each car given out is donated by other families who want to make the lives of others easier. Will C. received a car from Cars 4 Heroes in 2017 and he said it changed his life for better.

“I moved back to Kansas City from California and my car bit it, and I didn’t tell many people, I still don’t know who nominated me,” Will C. said.

Cars 4 Heroes is always taking donations, and applications can be submitted on their website.