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Center for homeless closing 1 week for renovations

Posted at 11:04 AM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 12:04:09-04

KANSAS CITY, MO. -- "I didn't ever expect it to be this hard," said Yolande Overbay. 

Overbay became homeless about a month ago, she says, and has been coming to Hope Faith Ministries every day. 

Starting Monday, October 22, she and more than 200 other people will have to figure out where else to go. Hope Faith is closing for a week for renovations. 

"This is the place I can use as the address, I can use this to get my ID sent here, and these things are so important for all of us," Overbay said. 

Hope Faith got a grant from the Hall Family Foundation to re-do the client services area. That means new paint, new flooring, installing charging stations for phones, and upgrading the showers and computer lab. 

The walls will be bright green and blue. Other areas will get a crisp coat of white paint. 

"You go into somewhere that is all black and beige, it is bland. That will affect your attitude. Your day is affected by what you're surrounded by," said executive director Sandy Ratterman. "Being able to have bright, pretty colors and fresh, I think it'll make for much better environment for our guests."

The client services hub that's right next to the cafeteria is the heart of Hope Faith, Ratterman says. Folks can get their mail, prescriptions and other supplies there. That will also be inaccessible for the week. 

"I'm expecting something in the mail. My driver's license renewal, my cell phone from the government to get free services," Overbay lamented. 

Hope Faith is directing their clients to other shelters and organizations. 

NourishKC down the street is preparing to take on more clients during the week. NourishKC also feeds 250 to 300 homeless folks a day, and they're now preparing for upwards of 600 people a day. 

Ratterman says these repairs have to happen, but when you take a resource away even for just a week, it shows how great the need is in the community. 

"I don't want to wait with that money sitting in the bank not actually helping the clients now," said Ratterman. 

They still need more funding for phases two and three, which will redo the mortar, roof and upstairs offices. 

Overbay and a friend stopped at the client intake area to grab their bags, which are all they own currently, before heading to the bus stop. Overbay has extra clothing, shampoo and hand sanitizer. 

"I have to carry it around now," she said, but adds that she'll get through this bump in the road. 

"At least it's not raining today."