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Chiefs fans weigh in on what they want in 'reimagined' Arrowhead Stadium

Organization expected to unveil plans on Wednesday
Jennifer and Keith Emmons, Chiefs season ticket ho
Posted at 7:41 PM, Feb 27, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The football season may be over, but there's still an insatiable desire for anything Chiefs

Fans like Keith and Jennifer Emmons still wear their Chiefs gear.

"We're season ticket holders, we love going to the games," Jennifer said. "The camaraderie it brings to the city is just great."

Jennifer Emmons, Chiefs fan

The team's looking to build on its legacy in Kansas City and that includes plans to renovate Arrowhead Stadium, which opened more than 50 years ago.

It's something the organization has been teasing, going back to 2022, when the Royals started exploring a downtown stadium.

"Big supporter of what they're doing, not just because it frees up options for us at Arrowhead, because I think it's the right thing to do," said Chiefs President Mark Donovan when the teams held a joint news conference in 2022.

Clark Hunt, the Chiefs Chairman and CEO, has talked many times about the prospect of a renovation.

"We believe it’s one of the best stadiums in the National Football League," Hunt said. "And we hope to make it our home for at least another 25 years.”

The fan's wishes in comments on KSHB 41's Facebook page reveal they want things like a stadium roof, heat and an entertainment district.

Fans can see the team adding shops, restaurants and hotels in the space left after Kauffman Stadium is torn down.

"From my understanding is they're trying to do something like the Patriots and the Packers where they get a lot of shops around it and kinda make it a destination shopping place," said Keith Emmons.

Keith Emmons, Chiefs fan

Fans want a rolling roof for the stadium so it can be used for events in any season and during nearly any weather conditions.

"I'm tired of sitting in the cold, for sure," Keith said.

"Like, if we can do like the same as Vegas, you know, like it’s a closed one," said fan Glyza Balam.

Glyza Balam, Chiefs fan

Only a few weeks after the Super Bowl, fans are hoping the announcement rings in an even bigger 2024 season.

"You can even make the experience greater than it already is for the fans here in Kansas City," said Chiefs fan Frank Dobnikar.

Frank Dobnikar, Chiefs fan

"I just want to see that area be successful," said Chiefs fan Ian York. "I want Kansas City to keep growing."

Ian York, Chiefs fan