Community church in need of assistance

Posted at 12:44 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 14:04:27-05

Inside the True Faith Outreach Ministry Church on the East side of Kansas City, the ceiling tiles are falling to the ground.

Members who worship here on Sunday spend a lot of the week cleaning up debris after each rain.

"It's pretty tough" said Tenisha Neal, a member of the church for several years.  "It's a lot of picking up the pieces and then sweeping and vacuuming."

"It's hard because in the winter time it’s very, very cold from the things falling from the ceiling," said Dionne Berryhill, another church member.

Berryhill also runs the food pantry out of the church. Every week they feed hundreds of people. She said they need a new building for the church and the pantry. 

"Oh my god, it’s very much needed. We are a small church but we do what we can to feed the community," Berryhill said.

The pastor said they need help from the community.

"They will not just be helping us, they are helping thousands of people," said Darryl McFadden, who has been the pastor for seven years and a member of the church for almost 30. "If no one helps, we going to keep on doing what we doing... until the building comes down or until we break down. and I think the building will go before we do."

McFadden does not what to move the church. He said the community relies on this church and they want to stay.

They hope to raise enough money to build a new church on the property next door to the current church on 27th street near Indiana.

"Through works, through faith, through hope, through charity, it's going to get done," McFadden said.