City Union Mission's food warehouse temporarily closed after finding mold, mouse infestation

Mouse infestation closes local food warehouse
Posted at 5:29 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-12 00:33:01-04

A food warehouse providing nearly 750 meals a day to Kansas City’s homeless is temporarily closed after health officials found mold on the walls and a mouse infestation.

City Union Mission’s warehouse on 10th and Troost was closed Thursday, August 4 after a USDA inspection led to the discovery of the health code violations.

"It was excessive, it was excessive,” said Environmental Health Services Division Manager Naser Jouhari.

Jouhari said it was one of the worst investigations he’s seen. His inspectors said the same.

"These are not violations that happened overnight,” he explained. “These are not violations that can happen even within a week period of time."

The City Union Mission told 41 Action News over the phone that the mess caught leaders off guard. They are working hard to get things fixed; that includes fumigating the building and disposing of more than 63 tons of contaminated food.

Regardless of what kind of facility it is, Jouhari said there is a standard that must be met.

“We have a minimum standard, we have a minimum requirements that all facilities or establishments that are selling, serving, providing food to the public in Kansas City, have to meet,” Jouhari said.

The warehouse remains closed at this time.



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