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UPDATE: Committee sends alcohol delivery ordinance to full council

Posted at 4:50 PM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 13:29:35-04


KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you live in Kansas City, you could soon get liquor delivered to your front door. 

“It’s easy access, I could stay home, watch a Chiefs game and have some drinks brought to me. I could see the ease of it,” said Kylergh Armilio. 

Liquor delivery is legal in Missouri but Kansas City law makes it complicated. 

“When you purchase alcohol, that purchase must take place, the signing of documents and cash exchange must take place in the establishment, that is not state law,” said Councilwoman Jolie Justus. 

On Wednesday morning, Kansas City’s Neighborhoods and Public Safety Committee took the next step toward approving the ordinance on alcohol delivery. 

Committee members passed the ordinance on to the full City Council. The full council will make the decision next month. 

Committee members want more information on the ordinance before it gets to the full council. Specifically how the law would keep alcohol out of the hands of people who are not 21 years old and an opinion from the police department on the ordinance.

Michael Doohan is the owner of Mike’s Wine and Spirits. 

“It’s another stream of revenue, in this day in age a lot of people, with Postmates and apps like that people get things delivered,” said Doohan. 

There are plenty of apps for delivery. Drizly does the same and will bring liquor and wine to your front door. 

“Our people are trained to check for IDs, they are the people that would make the delivery, when they make the delivery on the Drizzly app you can scan their ID on the point of sale so we feel this is a safe way.”

We talked to parents about the idea. 

“I don't think the delivery is a bad idea in general. Out of concern for people who are alcoholics, if they had something in place if you can tell someone is not doing well you could refuse it,” said Tami Brown. 

“It is hard for moms to get to the liquor store with their children, or if you are throwing a party and ran out of alcohol, the ease of it, I could see me using it,” said Armillo. 

If you live in Kansas, liquor deliveries are illegal. The only exception is if you order wine from a farm winery and it can only be shipped.