Community garden plants seeds in more ways than one

KC garden plants seeds in more ways than one
Posted at 12:28 PM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2018-08-17 13:33:37-04

It’s an area neighbors say was once blighted by crime and lack of opportunity. There was little access to quality food and produce for those living near 29th and Wabash, until now.  

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Lavonne Moore has lived on that block for more than 60 years and says the big greenhouse across the street from her has been a long time coming. 

At Nile Valley Aquaponics volunteers are planting corn, peppers, arugula, Tilapia and more. 

This all started as a small project in Dre Taylor’s backyard. 

Keisha Johnson is one of the workers there and says it’s a stepping stone for better things to come. 

“We have a lot of kids that don’t like vegetables and once they end up planting them, they love them,” she said. 

There’s also a male mentoring component.  It’s called Males 2 Men. 

More than 40 boys, ages 7-17 volunteer and learn what it takes to get their hands dirty and keep their image clean. 

Johnson sees it as the community planting and cultivating seeds, in more ways than one. 

“It takes a lot to grow and plant plants and seeds, but it doesn’t take a lot for a community to come together,” said Johnson

For volunteer opportunities or to learn more about Nile Valley Aquaponics, click here.