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Concerns over barking dogs drives opposition to Overland Park pet day care

Posted: 7:17 PM, Mar 15, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-16 03:28:24Z

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Future plans for a handful of vacant stores at an Overland Park, Kansas strip mall near 76th Street and Metcalf Avenue have neighbors expressing concern.

The Two Dogs and a Cat day care plans to take the vacant stores, but residents are hoping the Overland Park City Council vote to decline the project.

The company’s current location at 119th Street and Metcalf Avenue is very busy and the owner wants to expand as part of downtown Overland Park's boom.

"With all the development that’s going on in downtown Overland Park, we feel very strongly that this is the appropriate location for Two Dogs one Cat to expand its operation," owner John Cavalcanti said.

Those who live near the planned expansion are not too happy about the idea.

"There’s just too much noise potential for this type of area," neighbor Mike Whenry said. "There are too many houses along here. I just don’t think it’s a good idea."

Whenry lives right across from where the pet day care would open its second location.

"Since it’s only going to be 160 feet from my door, I’m pretty sure I’ll hear dogs barking in the morning," Whenry said. "I don’t think you can even get 25 dogs together without a lot of noise."

It's that noise Whenry believes will have a long-term impact on his neighborhood.

"I think if somebody is trying to rent their place along here, it’s going to be detrimental to that and make it harder for people to rent or develop anything along here," he said.

Cavalcanti says he'll work with the neighborhood to calm their fears.

"We want to put them at ease and assure them that we run our operations with the highest standards," Cavalvanti said.

Cavalcanti said the new store will be about 40 percent smaller and house up to 90 dogs - up to 45 of them overnight. He believes it's the perfect spot to expand.

Cavalcanti says dogs generally quiet down at night.

"When it comes nighttime, they are really worn out and happy," he said. "When they go back to their suites, they really want to have their dinner and go to bed."

Neighborhoods have taken to setting up a petition overnight to keep the pet daycare away.

"It’s a great idea we think there’s a need for it around here," Whenry said. "But not in this area, it’s just not the right spot."

A vote on the day care's permit is set for April 1.