WATCH: How to keep spiders out of your home

Posted at 7:04 PM, Sep 09, 2015
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The last thing someone wants to see inside their home is a spider.

With the cooler temperatures, those eight-legged creatures are seeking shelter sooner than expected. 

"I think that cool weather has triggered some of the insects to think about initiating their fall activity, and so if they got some breeding or feeding or other activities to do that's causing them to hurry that up a little bit more," said Rick Miller, who is Johnson County’s Agriculture Agent.

Some of those spiders are poisonous, including brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders.

Black widows are uncommon but deadly; it's more likely you will spot a brown recluse. They are not deadly, but can give you a nasty wound if they bite you.

However, there are ways to keep the spiders out of your home.

"First thing I tell people is just do a little bit of inspection around your house. Walk around and see if you see spider webs, spider nests, one of the easiest things you can do is take a stick a knock those nest down," said Miller.

Be sure to check every crack and crevice around your home.

Another way to keep the spiders away-clean your yard by picking up twigs and children's toys, it's one less place for spiders to hide.

"Physically stopping them outside your home where they belong is the best and easiest thing to do," said Miller.



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