WATCH: NYE proposal at Union Station

Posted at 9:56 PM, Jan 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-01 23:49:52-05

One couple has a lot more to celebrate starting the New Year. Elissa Miller and Scott Swartz are kicking off 2016 engaged.

The two have been dating for over three years.

They met at their previous job and have been inseparable ever since. Scott only told a few people.

"My mom, my boss who let me off early to get the ring and one friend," he said.

Beforehand though, he did talk to Elissa's dad Rader, to get his blessing.

"Couldn't be happier and I think they make a great couple," Rader shared. "They complement each other so glad to welcome Scott into the family."

It was a storybook proposal at one of her favorite places, Union Station.

"And I had always talked about how awesome it is and it's just always been one of my favorite places in Kansas City," Elissa said.

Scott actually planned it all in just 36 hours.

"I was supposed to get the ring next week and it ended up showing up the day before New Year's Eve and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity so then I realized that was when I wanted to do it."

After the 10:00 p.m. newscast, our crew saw the proposal as it was happening and captured the moment just after Elissa said yes.

Scott told 41 Action News, "I thought it went really well. Which is why I was expecting a little bit more credit. It wasn't too bad."

She agreed, "It was something out of a fairy tale. I'll never forget that night."

The bride-to-be immediately called her mom Margaret Ott who said, "I thought something was wrong. So I'm like what's the matter, what's the matter are you in a wreck? And she's like mom, mom and then she told me they had gotten engaged."

Elissa says she's on a serious roll.

"I got a promotion and then like on top of everything my family was in town and you guys just happened to be walking by right as it all was happening. It was the best moment of my life."

Margaret believes her daughter deserves it all, so they will be replaying the video we captured the day she said yes.

"Played it all day so it's a wonderful thing. It's a blessing," said Margaret.

As for the date, Elissa is hoping for a winter wedding. Planning though has not yet begun.

Margaret tells 41 Action News she will likely take a step back from work to help her daughter get ready for the joyous occasion.

WATCH: See the couple's reactions below. If you can't view the video in your mobile app, click here.


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