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Crews hard at work repairing potholes across Wyandotte County

Brandon Gunnels
Posted at 5:51 PM, Jan 31, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Road crews are using a break in the winter weather to patch potholes and help motorists avoid expensive repair bills.

“I’m trying to make it where my car don’t break down when I'm hitting these potholes,” said Brandon Gunnels.

Gunnels and his team are working across Kansas City, Kansas to fix a mess left by winter's blast.

“Dodging a pothole and trying to watch out for traffic at the same time is very dangerous,” Gunnels said.

Dave Reno, Wyandotte County's public works community engagement officer, said last year crews patched about 38,000 potholes, a 24% percent increase over 2022.

Reno said they are expecting more potholes this year.

“Potholes generally form because of moisture and water is the natural enemy of pavement," Reno said. "So water gets down, it seeps through the pavement, then we get really cold weather and it freezes and expands and boom, a pothole appears.”

Gunnels wants drivers to use caution when they see crews out working.

“Slow down when you see the caution sign and you see us patching and just slow down period," Gunnels said. That way, you can see the potholes and won't run into them at the same time.”