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Crews prep for day three of storm damage cleanup

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 18:00:58-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As RC Lawn and Tree crews clean up the damage that’s been left behind, it’s a sight Kit Tan wasn’t used to. 

“Normally I come shop, I eat your Kansas beef, but this was a whole new dimension in my visit,” Tan said. 

Tan, who’s from Singapore, is visiting her sister, who just moved into her Brookside home a few days ago. 

Tan said she was sleeping when she woke up to lightning. 

“Before I knew it, all this happened like a domino effect,” Tan said. 

A tree ended up knocking out a power line. The tree was hit by lightning the day of the Eclipse, which weakened it. 

“Power was on for awhile and then it was total darkness,” Tan said. 

Tan and her family were one of the thousands without power across the metro. 

“We've been pretty much getting calls in instances like this,” RC Lawn and Tree owner J.T. Roach said. “We clean it up after KCP&L came in and did what they needed to do.” 

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Cleaning up tree damage is second nature for this team. 

“Boss’s phone's ringing off the hook, so we're going and seeing many trees every day,” Brandon Coldiron with RC Lawn and Tree said. “It's going to be some long days and some late nights.”

Folks with RC Lawn and Tree said this time of year is always busy. 

“Coming out of winter, everybody's starting to think about their yard,” Roach said. “And so when you throw in a storm like this, it just pushes everything back because obviously, this has to get taken care of first.” 

For preventative care, experts recommend you take a look at your trees. Look for cavities, which can affect a tree’s strength. Also, make sure you get them properly trimmed and deadwood is removed. 

Experts recommend you get your trees professionally looked at at least once every two years to check for deadwood, trimming and any cavities to prevent future damages and costs that may occur if a storm does hit.