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Demand for Chiefs tickets skyrockets amid Swift effect

Taylor Swift boosts NFL ticket prices for Chiefs vs. Jets by over 40%
Posted at 6:23 AM, Oct 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-12 10:19:09-04

KANSAS CITY, Kan — Long gone are the days, when Chiefs tickets used to cost fans $50 and as the team continues to succeed on the field with celebrities cheering on; demand for tickets will continue to skyrocket.

"It's the highest prices have ever been for the Chiefs, but I think we still get a little bit of that Midwest kind of discount compared to some of teams by the coast, so it's expensive, but it's still a good deal to get," said Jason Durbin, Senior Vice President of Operations, Tickets for Less.

Durbin says games that land on the holidays or Chiefs games held during bad weather days are the most affordable, but be prepared to spend over $120 on tickets after two recent Super Bowl wins and new celebrity ties.

"The games are so big, especially the ones with like the Bills and the Bengals where you're, you know, battling for playoff seating, you really need those games and you got to take advantage of them, and Chief fans understand that," said Durbin.

As demand increases, the likelihood of being scammed trickles on up. Durbin suggests fans to shop around and to look at return and refund policies before purchasing tickets.

"Obviously, the more popular the events, people are going to look for ways to scam people. Unfortunately, so just be careful, buy from secure sources people that are partnered with, like the NFL or the Chiefs," advised Durbin.