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Family says driver sped away after striking teen, killing puppy

Posted at 5:40 PM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 19:28:42-04

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A family wants justice after their 8-week-old puppy was killed by a hit-and-run driver. 

On Wednesday, Devon Henson, 18, was across the street in his friend's driveway near E. Sea Road and S. Raymond Road in Independence when he noticed a car speeding down the road.  

Henson said Blue, his 8-week-old-puppy, was in the driveway next to him. When he saw the car he reached down to pick her up but it was too late; the driver swerved, hitting him and his puppy. 

"I fell down, back tire ran over my arm and she got the front and the back tire - dragged her all the way down the street," said Henson. 

Henson got up and ran to check on Blue, but by the time he reached her she was hardly breathing. 

The driver briefly got out of a red Chevrolet Cavalier, but then drove away. 

"My son could have died, and they weren't concerned for his safety and didn’t care what happened to our dog," said Claudette Henson, Devon's mom. 

Devon Henson tried to get Blue help, but there was little that could be done. 

"I just picked Blue up, got in the car, and we went down to the animal hospital, but they said her heart had stopped before we had even gotten into the building," said Devon Henson. 

The loss of Blue is a big one for Devon Henson. He'd just brought the puppy home two weeks ago. 

"It was his baby. He wanted one, it took him a long time to find the one he wanted and then when he finally found it, he spent every moment with this dog," said Darryl Henson, Devon's father. 

The family said they are devastated by the loss of their dog, but they admit this could've turned out so much worse. 

"Could’ve been anybody’s kid. I’m just grateful mine’s okay," said Henson's mother. 

The Henson family and several other neighbors said the road is known for having lots of speeders. One neighbor said he's seen drivers going 70 mph. 

While Devon and his parents know they can't bring Blue back, they do want justice. They are asking the person who is responsible to come forward. 

If you have any information on the incident, contact Independence Police.