Dry ground to blame for Overland Park water main break

Posted at 4:27 PM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 19:32:30-04

Cellphone video recorded Wednesday night shows water gushing into one Overland Park neighborhood. WaterOne says the weather is to blame for the break.

Debbie Brumback lives along 85th and Lamar and recorded the water rushing through her front yard.

“We came out to find basically a river running down the street,” said Brumback.

There was no damage to her home, but her brother who lives two doors down did see some damage. Ben Mossman said his landscaping was washed away, and his walkway lights were destroyed by the water. He said he is happy the damage was not worse.

"It’s scary in the point that there is nothing that you can do if it would be coming into my garage and into my house there’s absolutely nothing you can do,” said Mossman.

A spokesperson for WaterOne tells 41 Action News the dry ground is to blame for the break. The dryness makes the ground shift causing pipes to break. WaterOne says this is a typical occurrence during the summer months. They monitor water pressure to try and avoid a break from happening a head of time.

WaterOne does provide landscaping services, and says they will help Rossman fix the damage to his yard.

For more information on landscaping fixes and information on how to file a damage report with WaterOne, click here



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