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Efforts underway to place Harry S. Truman statue in U.S. Capitol

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Posted at 9:13 AM, Sep 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-17 10:13:23-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The images of many U.S. presidents line the halls of the U.S. Capitol as part of the National Statuary Hall Collection.

Harry S. Truman is not one of those presidents... yet.

An effort is underway to secure Truman a place in the halls of the Capitol building, 75 years after his presidency.

According to the Truman Library Institute, Missouri leaders have been working to secure a spot for nearly 20 years.

“The world needs to know about this man from Missouri who did so much for this country… He is a giant, and giants must always be remembered," U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II wrote in a statement.

Two statues of notable figures from each state reside in the collection, totaling in 100 statues.

For Missouri, a statue of Francis Preston Blair resides in the Hall of Columns and a statue of Thomas Hart Benton resides in the National Statuary Hall.

Blair was a prominent figure in the Civil War for Missouri and opposed slavery. He also served as a Representative and Senator for the state.

Benton, a friend of Blair's, was one of the first two Missouri senators. He served in that position for 30 years and later served in the House of Representatives as well.

A statue of President Truman could secure a spot in the Capitol Rotunda, where most of the other presidents featured reside. The Rotunda is also home to important American figures like Alexander Hamilton and Martin Luther King Jr.

The Truman Library Institute (the nonprofit associated with the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum) has been working to secure Truman's trip to Washington D.C.

They argue that Truman's role in ending World War II ranks him among the top five American leaders, making him deserving of a permanent home in the Capitol.

“There’s no better place to explore Truman’s story than at his presidential library, but for the millions who may never walk through those doors, there will soon be another chance to come face to face with my grandfather. To everyone who has worked to make this a reality, to everyone now joining the campaign: my family and I can’t thank you enough for envisioning, creating and funding this enduring monument as a tribute to Grandpa’s leadership and legacy," grandson Clifton Truman Daniel wrote.

A seven-and-a-half-foot sculpture is receiving final touches.

Funding is still being secured for its trip to D.C., but the nonprofit hopes it will be unveiled at the Capitol in Spring 2022.

Anyone who would like to learn more or contribute to the statue's trip can visit the Truman Library Institute website.