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'Everyone was super lucky': Weston neighbors homes, power lines suffer damage after Thursday's storms

Melissa Woodard points to where she saw the tree on fire.
Posted at 5:08 PM, Apr 18, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City and the surrounding areas have experienced strong winds all week, but one Weston neighbor said she never felt or heard wind like the kind during Thursday mornings storms.

"And all of the sudden this wind, that was crazy, just said whoosh!" said Melissa Woodard. "And that’s when everything happened."

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Melissa Woodard has lived in her home in Weston, MO for 10 years.

Woodard said she woke up and saw sparks from her window. When she came outside, she found a tree on fire right beside her house. It was right over the power lines.

Woodard said she panicked, going so far as grabbing for the hose.

"And then it blew again and so I just came back over here, and it was crazy," Woodard said.

The incident left her and her neighbors without power. Despite the multiple Evergy trucks, there's no sign of when it will be back.

Just a few doors down, a tree snapped, crushing a home part of the Weston Senior Citizen Housing. No one was hurt, in fact, one woman moved from her bed to the couch in the middle of the night, avoiding injury from the tree.

"Just dismayed, you know grace of God," said Weston Chief of Police Kelly Clark. "You know it’s, good Lord works in mysterious ways."

Weston Chief of Police Kelly Clark

There's a lot of clean-up that still needs to be done, but what's more important was that nobody was hurt.

"It could’ve been way worse, so we’ll just deal with what we can," Woodard said.