Northland community warned of fake firefighters

Posted at 4:28 PM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 19:09:46-05

Riverside Police and Fire are warning local residents to only allow officials with identification to enter their homes. 

The warning comes after a woman called police after suspicious activity Thursday evening. 

A homeowner living on Cerrito Lane said she let two men enter her home because they claimed to be contractors with the fire department and needed to check smoke alarms for compliance to new fire code. 

"If the fire department comes there's gonna be a fire truck with them or they're going to be in uniform of some type," said Riverside Fire Marshall Keith Payne. 

Payne said the two suspects were wearing black suits and that the department would never send out contractors. A real city employee would also have proper identification. 

The only fear is that the two suspects may have been scouting the area for a future crime. 

"They didn't do anything. They walked around their house with a clipboard, got some information and then left without incident," said Payne. 

Neither of the men has been identified, but the Riverside Fire Department considers them suspicious persons and reminds Riverside that all employees who interact with residents on fire department business will be in uniform and carrying identification. 

Riverside Police and Fire recommend calling the police if you see anything suspicious. 


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