KCK firefighters helps one of their own after storms damage house

Posted at 3:27 PM, Jun 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-17 18:28:49-04

James Sparks and his family were shocked when they woke up after storms hit the metro area late Friday night. 

“I had a big tree fall through my house and two cars,” he said. 

Kansas City, Kansas firefighters came over with chainsaws and man power to clean up all of the damage.

“They have just been amazing," said Sparks' sister Jule Sutulovich. "They’re amazing.” 

Sparks had planned to attend a walk this morning, but had to deal with the cleanup instead.

“We had a fundraiser today that he wasn’t able to attend,” said Sutulovich, “Because God works in mysterious ways and decided to put a tree on his home.”

“I certainly wouldn’t be this far in the cleanup process without all of these guys,” said Sparks.

But these guys are no strangers, Sparks has been a KCK firefighter himself for 18 years. His firefighter brothers have always been there for him.

“They’re family, they’re brotherhood, it’s amazing,” said Sutulovich.

The walk they planned to attend this morning? Well that was actually for Sparks too.

“What firemen who weren’t here were probably at the walk,” said Sutulovich, “Trying to actually help raise money to help him with medical costs.”

Sparks was recently diagnosed with ALS and has been off work since last August.

Sparks’ sister says she’s grateful for these firefighters who have been there for Sparks’ every step of the way, whether it’s helping clean up storm damage, or helping plan fundraisers, she knows her brother’s family doesn’t end with her.

“It’s comforting, very comforting,” said Sutulovich.