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First full day of pads kicks Chiefs Training Camp into high gear

Chiefs Training Camp
Posted at 7:03 PM, Jul 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-29 20:03:07-04

ST. JOSEPH, Mo.  — The intensity kicked up a notch during the first day of full pads in St. Joseph, Missouri, at Chiefs Training Camp.

It also brought out the competition, as the number one offense in the league faced off against an improving defense.

"I feel like we did wonderful, we want them to know we won today for sure, defense, we won today for sure," defensive end Frank Clark said.

After being one of the worst ranked defenses in the league, the Chiefs are bringing a new energy this season.

"When you look around, you see total defense, we ranked 31st in the league. That doesn't make anyone proud, you know, as a fan, as a coach, as a player, you shouldn't be proud, we coming in here with a whole different type of attitude, you know, we coming here to win, we coming here to compete and we want to be the best," Clark said.

After practice Monday, Clark spoke about his excitement about lining up with Chris Jones, and and so did head coach, Andy Reid.

"They look pretty good together, yeah, that's a pretty hefty load right there," Reid said.

The new defense has several new faces and a new scheme under Steve Spagnuolo. Monday, they went up against a loaded offense.

"I'm looking at Pat Mahomes on the other side, Travis Kelce, I'm looking at 'Cheetah,' I'm looking at Sammy Watkins, I can keep going," Clark said. "So, every day it's a battle, every day you're going at it to get better so, when you've got an offense like that in front of us, hey man, it's not telling the limits and the heights our defense can go to."

Wide receiver Sammy Watkins is also recognizing the defensive improvements, saying it's brought on a new challenge.

"They got us thinking a little bit as far as moving around, trying to disguise a lot of stuff, and you know, guys just out there competing. Coach got those guys moving off a different energy, they're competing and I think that's the best part, we can make each other better," he said.

Coming off of one of his best off-seasons, Watkins said he's feeling good and taking a new leadership role, getting guys like Mecole Hardman up to speed.

"I can't go out there talking to him and then go mess up so, I think it's a good thing to be a leader," he said.

The Chiefs have only one padded practice under their belt, but coaches, teammates and fans can all recognize the new attitude and competition the team will bring every day.

"Those offensive guys have been together for awhile so, it's good to get the defense out there and challenge them like they were, man that was beautiful, that's the way you get better," Reid said.

While the first day isn't going to be perfect, Coach Reid said with the effort and the mindset the team has, they'll be fine.

Tuesday's practice begins at 8:15 a.m. at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph.