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Flooded Weston business hopes to reopen soon

Posted at 5:10 PM, Mar 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-05 13:58:56-04

WESTON, Mo. — With rivers cresting and the flood threat receding along with the flood water across northern Missouri, residents and business owners affected are beginning to assess the next steps.

That includes Weston Tobacco owner Zeb Hopper, whose store was overrun by more than 4 feet of water. He managed to rescue all his cigars and important decor before the water arrived, getting it to a dry place.

"We have stuff everywhere at this point in time, but we do have most of our cigars set up in here in a temporary humidor," Hopper said.

Hopper also moved out furniture, artwork, and military memorabilia.

"That stuff is very important," he said. "Most of those things were made by guys that we've sent cigars to overseas and they're very important. You'll never replace them."

While Hopper's business survived this flood, he worries about flooding events in the future.

"It definitely changes our outlook on how to prepare for other things, but it is a real possibility," he said.

The water had receded enough Sunday afternoon that Hopper hoped to be able to go into his basement by Monday night and reopen by next weekend.